new home buildings that embrace natural light

Building a new home offers many opportunities.

It's important to get the planning right from the beginning so you can maximise light in your home. After all, a home that's full of natural light - as well as being bright and welcoming - is less likely to succumb to mould problems, making it healthier for your family.

The diverse range of apg's single and double storey home designs means there is a perfect option for every family. Many of these designs have a focus on embracing natural light, which provides homeowners with a unique living experience. 

malibu alfresco and living

Say hello, al fresco

Al fresco living space is an effective way to make the most of natural light, whether you're looking at narrow lot homes or those with more generous lots. 

The sentosa has ample open-plan dining and living space that opens onto an al fresco area at the rear of the home. 

Light has no trouble passing through the glass doors and windows. You can choose to open the space right up, or opt for blinds and curtains should a darker environment be required.

A sparkling kitchenopus kitchen window

Having a kitchen that is designed to let light flow in is sure to create a radiant, inviting space. 

The intersection of the al fresco area into the malibu's kitchen and living space lives up to this. 

Another way to maximise light is to include a horizontal window on the side of the kitchen that can't have a large window. You're still allowing light in while working within the constraints of the space. The opus is a great example of this.

Looking up

A skylight is a perfect way to utilise natural light and apg has incorporated this clever design option into the malibu single storey home design.

This is backed up by plenty of glass around the home to pull in natural light, too.

The sentosa, opus and malibu are all display homes, so check them out for yourself to see just how effective they are at letting the light in.