The most time-efficient way to see our display homes in one weekend

Here at apg Homes, we have a diverse range of award-winning designs for both single and double storey houses. They say seeing is believing, so come see for yourself the quality architecture and chic interior decoration by visiting our display homes. 

We have a big selection of display homes to explore, with properties located both north and south of the river in Perth. Since there's a lot to see and the opening hours are in the afternoon from 1 - 5 p.m., a plan of action will be the best way to see as many as possible in a single weekend. Here, we share some productive tips for your whirlwind adventure through our display homes.

Technology prep 

Keep a GPS or mobile mapping application with you at all times, such as Google Maps. Remember to charge your devices, or invest in a portable battery pack or car charger so you don't lose time aimlessly wandering around the sunny streets. 

Pre-program the addresses of the homes into your mapping devices so it's all ready to go. We have a handy map of locations on our website ready for you to consult. 

Before hitting the road

Drink a cup of coffee and eat a big brunch so you won't feel peckish on the way  - simply cruise from one display home to the next. While there won't be any peak bumper-to-bumper problems during these afternoon hours on the weekend, you could still get caught in traffic.

Here's a golden tip: download the free app, Waze. It sources live traffic updates from locals in the area to inform you about sudden changes to traffic flow, build up, or if any special events are on - this can help you manoeuvre through any unexpected congestion. 

Geographical split

Choose a single region for a day. Do north of the river on Saturday, and south on Sunday. 

Go along the coastal corridor on Saturday

Many of our Northern Map homes hug the coastline, so choose the northen most end and make your way back down the coast. Tick off the houses as you start in Eglinton, go past Jindalee and Clarkson, continue on to Burns Beach and finish in Gwelup. You'll enjoy stunning ocean views during some of your drive.

Circle across the south on Sunday 

The Southern Map is more spread out but in a circular pattern. Pick any point: Coogee, Harrisdale, Banjup, Waterford or Southern River. Start at one and work your way around the circle.

Pro tip: plan to conclude at a display home nearest to your current residence, so you can make it home in time to prepare dinner after the display homes close.

Along the way

Give yourself at least 30 minutes in each display home to really soak in the design, floor layout, landscaped gardens and architectural variations. You could take notes or snap pictures to jog your memory later, since you're seeing so many in such a short space of time. 

Enjoy your display home tour adventure!

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