maximising your use of storage around the home

Maximising the storage space in your home is something that many people have trouble with. It can be difficult to find room to put all the things you accumulate during your lifetime, which can lead to your home looking cluttered, bulky and spatially-busy.

However, there are a number of ways you can help to reduce this. Having a clean, organised home can make life much more enjoyable, and knowing where everything is at all times is great for recollection should you need something.


One of the easiest ways to create additional storage space in the bedroom is to turn underneath the bed into a space of it's own.

Simply buying some tupperware containers that can easily slide under your bed will provide you with a lot more space to store things, while being hidden away enough to not detract from your room's overall aesthetic.

Furthermore, don't forget to look vertically. It's always an option to hang small shelving options on your unused wall space, in order to provide you with more locations to place smaller items.This can help to reduce the overall amount of things left lying around on the floor, or at eye level, which aids the development of a decluttered environment.


The worst room to have overly busy, the kitchen has the potential to be hugely unorganised and hard to navigate unless you're in there each and every day. However, it also has the most potential to be well put together.

After all, with the number of drawers and cupboard spaces available in most homes, often it's just a case of putting things into a clear, concise system that can be used to quickly and effectively find whatever it is you're looking for.