making sure you budget for a fully finished home

If you are busy with your first demolish and build, or have just bought a home off the plan, you may not be aware of the usual inclusions in a newly built house. Making sure you budget for everything means you won't be disappointed when you first step through the door of your brand new home.

When choosing a home design, make sure to speak with your builder to ensure you know what is included in your quoted build price, and what you should budget extra for.


Common exclusions in new builds are exterior features, such as furniture, outdoor storage options, landscaping, swimming pools and fences. Decorative items like decking, as well as features like pergolas or fountains are great additions to a new home, but are generally not included in the build price.

Not only does this keep your build cost down, but it allows you to fully customise your house when the timing suits your budget. You may even prefer to live in the home before completing the exterior, so that you can determine the flow of the outdoor entertainment areas.

It could be important to consider the timing of additions such as swimming pools and retaining walls, as once your new building is completed, it could restrict access to areas you may wish to develop later. Planning ahead means you can get the features you want, when you want them


For those unfamiliar with the new home building, it can come as a surprise that some basics are not supplied with the building. However, leaving the supply of these items to the purchaser means that the items chosen are exactly what is wanted, and that they are the latest design, instead of being stockpiled with building materials.

Common interior fittings you should budget for are floor coverings, light fittings, window treatments and other decorative items.

You should also make an allowance for white goods and air conditioners or other heating systems.

Next to picking your paints and finishes, properly furnishing your new home is one of the most exciting aspects of building a new home. Make sure that when you are planning your finances you leave room for furniture and fixtures that are to the same level of quality as the rest of the house.

Make it easier on yourself

If you would rather walk right in and not worry about all the finishing details, then there are a couple options that may suit you better. Purchasing a display home in Perth can often mean you get a lot of the finishes included in the price - check these out when you negotiate the contract.

They're also finished to the highest standard, but are still new and pretty, unlike buying a traditional second-hand home. If your really do want to build, but would still like the added convenience of some extra inclusions, the apg Breakthrough range has a Turnkey option, which could be exactly what you're after.