the latest interior design trends from furnitex with Noelle O'Riordan

Furnitex is Australia's largest furniture and furnishings trade fair and gives designers and industry decision makers the opportunity to see the latest up and coming trends in the world of interior design.

Noelle O'Riordan, an interior designer for apg homes, was lucky enough to go along to the convention, held this year in Melbourne, and get a first hand look at some of the latest designs coming out of Australia's interior trend setters.

One of the biggest trends highlighted in the show was a shift towards a minimalistic, Scandinavian style of interior design. With an emphasis on minimalist colours, older stripped-down furniture and modern decor design ideas, this style is perfectly suited to the new-age, 21st family home.

However, Noelle said that with a bit of clever thinking, this type of design can be adapted and modified to suit anyone's particular needs.

"A lot of this stuff you can find in shops, this Scandinavian or semi-Scandinavian style can be moved towards the retro look - depending on what you accentuate with it. So the same kind of base pieces, you can marry them with a look to make it look like a retro-style house, something from the 60s or 70s," she said.

"In fact, we're doing an apg house in Heron Park, Harrisdale and that will be the Scandinavian look that's a little bit modern. But just a touch, it's not full on - a blonde sort of wood base with lots of matte black and textual pieces, like black bowls with silver insides."

"I love that look. It's very plain, simple and sophisticated, and it has a broad range of appeal to people because it is such a nice, clean look."

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