laminate flooring: achieve the modern home look you want

Laminate flooring may remind you of your grandparent's house and the floor they had in their kitchen and bathroom, but it's coming back in a big way for many modern properties and could be worth considering when creating your own new house plans.

There are a number of benefits to installing laminate flooring to your new home, which range from functionality through to comfort and everything in between!

For example, this flooring option is extremely versatile for a number of reasons. It can be applied to most rooms with ease, and comes in a number of different designs and textures that can imitate other, more expensive options.

Furthermore, the installation of laminate flooring options is extremely easy to take care of. Entire rooms can be laid in less than a day, making it an efficient solution if you're short on time or want a clean, simple fix.

Unlike actual wood flooring, which needs to sit in an environment for a period of time (usually between three and six weeks) in order to acclimatise to the temperature and pressure of the property, laminate can be laid and walked on in as little as 36 hours.

Keeping the health of your family in mind, laminates tend to be naturally resistant to bacteria and mould growth, making them perfect for wetter areas of your home. They can also be treated with products to make them allergen-resistant, giving you peace of mind about your family's health.

Not only that, but they are extremely easy to clean. Simply wash down with a wet mop and soapy water to clean away any filth and leave to dry for a shiny, refreshed surface - without the expenses involved with professionally cleaned carpets and treated woods.