interesting design concepts to aid your new home building

When creating your single or double storey home design, there are a number of key concepts to understand when generating your overall interior structure. Having a basic grasp on these terms could help to make your overall home space more harmonious and idyllic.

Focal Point

Every room needs a focal point. This is something that your eye is naturally drawn to when you enter a room - a fireplace, bookshelf, kitchen island or piece of art. Naturally, some of these things will be built into the overall design and won't need to be worried about.

However, if you find a room to be lacking a focal point, one of the easiest ways to remedy this is to place an interesting piece of art on one of the walls. This will be even more effective if you work it so your furniture is facing that general direction as well.


Uniformity is usually something that most people want to achieve. Whether this is overt - such as a similar aesthetic throughout the property - or more subtle, achieving this is a great way to develop the overall feeling and mood of your home.

One type of rhythm to consider is repetition, where a particular colour, pattern or style is reused and replicated in various places throughout the home. This is the easiest to achieve and one of the most noticeable, effective design tips available.

A second type of rhythm is progression. Rather than having the same things recurring, progression hints at subtle changes that help to generate the mood. Something simple like varying sizes of candles, cutlery or pots will create a pattern and intrigue the mind.

A more subtle way to achieve this could be the implementation of varying colour shades throughout your home. Choosing a base colour or concept and slowly altering it all through the house can achieve some interesting, pleasant aesthetic results.