Inspiration: Interior styling for the Vista

Our lineup of stunning new homes has marched onward with our new Breakthrough range and a variety of elegant double-storey display homes, including the Vista with it's impressive exterior architecture combined with beautiful interior styling. It sure is a vista that will take your breath away, both due to the chic architectural style of the large porch and enormous double-door entry, as well as the charming interior design. 

Like the Cove, the Vista was styled by Noelle O'Riordan, Senior Interior Designer for the ABN Group. Noelle brought her years of experience in the industry to deliver yet another creative interior style.

We sat down with Noelle for an interview on the Vista's mystical, relaxed winter-beachy feel. 

A vision for the Vista

While Perth is known for its bright, sunny summers on the beach, there is something mesmerising and beautiful about a beach in winter. Soft, cool grey skies reflected in the waves and earthy brown sands combine for an organic colour scheme, and you can enjoy this coastal palette in the Vista. 

apg Homes Vista Display Home Study"The light grey walls are contrasted with a deep charcoal and softened with a mid-grey feature wall throughout. Teamed with a light washed-timber-look floor tile, these colours allowed us to create a moody winter beach look," said Noelle. 

"I wanted something light with pops of colour while still retaining a versatile colour palette that could be easily updated for seasonal changes," explained Noelle. This approach shows a clever interior design philosophy - decorating a room, or entire house, in practical neutral colours such as grey means that it can be effortlessly updated to suit the seasons. 

You can see this intelligent approach in action in the four bedrooms, two bathrooms, powder room, private study, media room and open-plan living spaces of this double-storey home

Big, beachy bedrooms 

"The queen bed is almost dwarfed in the huge master bedroom which leads into an equally generous walk-in-robe," said Noelle. 

Inside the walk-in-robe is a large ottoman so you can easily sit down and slip on your shoes. Cinderella-lovers, rejoice! The walk-in-robe allows you to conveniently display your shoes on the ample white shelving inside, still leaving enough space for bags, scarves and clothing. All the colours are grey, white and navy blue - bringing the beachy bliss inside. 

apg Homes Vista Display Home Master Bedroom

Adding to the luxurious, spacious master suite is a mini hallway entrance that houses a useful console table and mirror.

"This is a big help for quick last-minute lipstick checks!", gushed Noelle.

"The lovely thing about this house is the ensuite is equally proportioned to the large bedroom which can sometimes be a disappointment in house designs," added Noelle. 

The remaining bedrooms have been styled for teenage family members.

"The soft aqua-toned girl's room carries the on-trend coastal surf scene colours into the mid-grey feature wall, and has a fabulous digitally printed headboard of a paling fence. There's also a cute artwork in a window frame and one of the popular macramé wall hangings that are on the wish list of all young trendies," said Noelle. 

In fact, the window frame artwork and fence headboard are unique, one-of-a-kind projects custom made by Noelle and her team. Talk about designer furniture! Blue seas are also evoked in the guest bedroom wallpaper, made using beautiful washed blue watercolour artwork.

Spacious living areas

"A family needing plenty of seating has no space problems in the Vista. We had room for a 2.2-metre dining table and a large dresser cabinet in the dining area. The generous kitchen has a wide bench top with plenty of work space and a neat walk-in pantry that can be closed off," said Noelle.

Noelle's top tips for designing like the Vista 

apg Homes Vista Display Home Media Room

"Don't be afraid of strong colours. The main palette is soft, light and easy to live with but the addition of some stronger colours in mid grey and darker walls create an interesting effect," recommended Noelle. 

Also, aim for contrast. "Artworks really stand out on the stronger coloured walls. Anything white will contrast and even using a simple white floating shelf on a dark background can create an engaging feature," said Noelle.

Finally, she suggested using 1970's-inspired hanging baskets as they are making a comeback and a pop of greenery.

Located in the picturesque estate of Calleya, in Banjup, the Vista is in a fantastic location just 20 minutes' drive from the Perth CBD and nestled in parks, gardens and lush natural green surrounds. Enjoy both the moody, mystical interior of this display home as well as the estates surroundings by visiting it during opening hours