Inspiration: Interior styling for the Newport

Ahoy, sailor! 

The Newport boasts four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a chic powder room downstairs. It is based in Coogee along the south western corridor of Perth, located just a stone's throw from the beach.

This fantastic location gives the Newport a coastal charm, and its stunning interior design reflects the local seaside atmosphere. Stepping inside, you'll feel a nautical beachy-glam vibe - it's like you never left the beach at all! This relaxed, laid back feel is the creation of Noelle O'Riordan, Senior Interior Designer for the ABN Group.

We sat down for another interview with Noelle to learn what inspired her vision for the Newport, and what her top tips for decorating in this style are. Let's set sail, shall we? 

She sells sea shells

"We tried out something completely different with the master bedroom and cladded the back wall with sheets of raw timber," said Noelle. "This is a very inexpensive but a beautifully simple look."  

apg Homes Newport Display Home Master Bedroom

Organic interior design is all the rage lately, and having a feature wall made of raw timber in the master bedroom brings a natural warmth to the space. Against the timber, Noelle included a large white four-poster bed covered in crisp white linen, contrasted with a navy blue throw draped across.

Cushions in nautical prints and sandy brown hues are arranged beautifully across the bed. White lanterns are placed on the bedside table, but a highlight of the decor is an aged bench in weathered wood that sits beside the bed. More cushions and lanterns rest atop. Contemporary artwork in a large frame is hung on the wall directly behind the bench - a photograph of a rustic dinghy boat resting on sandy shores, a glimpse of the sea in the background. Truly, the master bedroom is lovely for any ocean lover. 

"The ensuite is large as usual and we used a soft grey patterned floor tile to create interest while keeping to the washed soft palette," added Noelle. 

Other bedrooms also follow this beachy bliss. The girls bedroom allows space for a small desk and chair beside the trundle king single bed, and is styled in soft pinks and grey. The boys room at the front has a surf theme.

Wonderful weathered wood 

"The guest bedroom has a feature limewash wall painted by PAINTED EARTH FREMANTLE and has come up beautifully," said Noelle about the guest bedroom decor. "It contrasts perfectly with a wood beaded chandelier and rustic mirror."

apg Homes Newport Display Home Entry

Such attention to detail is echoed throughout the Newport's styling, which includes homemade DIY industrial shelves made by Noelle herself.

"The shelf in the hallway is made from an old piece of timber I found on my run, and some painted black plumbing pipes," explained Noelle. 

This shelf has an on-trend industrial chic look, thanks to the use of pipes and weathered wooden planks. It's styled with shells and potted plants in glass jars. Nature is also a focus of the back garden, inspired by a Greek island feel. Noelle used brush wood on the pergola and installed a huge old Indian door on the back wall.

"It gives it a real Santorini look," said Noelle with a smile. 

You really will feel like the sea breeze is blowing your hair in Santorini, because the backyard is adorned with enormous vases and cobalt blue outdoor furniture beside stone grey tables. 

Natural feel through rustic timber and stone 

"The wall in the family room is wallpapered to give depth, and the use of raw timber shutters completes the natural feel," explained Noelle.

"Casual oversized linen and timber furniture with a few eclectic pieces are all complemented by the rustic timber floor boards. These boards have a rough feel to them and are very easy to live on, unlike the preciousness of varnished timber."

In keeping with apg Homes tradition, open-plan living spaces shine through with a large dining area that allows for a buffet. The kitchen runs the length of the room and continues into a huge open pantry with ample storage. Noelle added a large antique metal light fixture over the kitchen bench. 

Tips from Noelle to bring this look home 

"Find comfortable furniture in natural finishes and fabrics, keeping to a light colour palette to recreate the colours of our beautiful West Australian coast," recommended Noelle.

"To add pops of colour, look to the ocean and it's many shades of blues, which are both vivid and light - this gives a lot of scope."

Finally, Noelle suggests injecting your own personality and memories into the space. 

"Include lots of individual pieces of your own that you may have collected over the years to give a unique feel. It's an easy look to achieve without spending lots of money."

You can visit the Newport during display home opening hours or via a private appointment. View the Newport.