Inspiration: interior styling for the Maddison

The growing range of apg homes designs isn't slowing down anytime soon, and our latest offering, the Maddison, is just one more example of our aim to provide affordable but beautiful homes to the people of Perth.

The Maddison is another double storey home design, and the gorgeous exterior needed to be matched on the inside as well. We recently sat down with Noelle O'Riordan, the senior interior designer with ABN Group who has been working with the company since 1999. Noelle is responsible for the interior design of three of apg homes designs herself.

Modern, spacious and extremely family-oriented, the Maddison ticks all of the boxes, and it's no wonder with Noelle on the end of the design process.

Inspired by the simplicity

The modern, simplistic theme around the interior of the latest Display range home comes from a monochromatic colour palette that Noelle was able to develop into the amazing final product.

"I began with a black and white palette, but by using warm, white tones and charcoals with matte finishes, I was able to create a more comfortable family feel to the house," said Noelle.

Maddison Display Home Entry Hallway

"By introducing soft golds and taupes, it allowed me to avoid the slick finishes often used with a monotone palette, and I was able to use more natural wood furniture. The introduction of light woods helps cement the softer image I was seeking."

The light wood colours add a lovely, breezy feeling to the open and flowing ground floor of the house. You can be standing in the open-plan kitchen making that night's dinner and keep an eye on the kids as they play in the various rooms. There's a media room as well as two separate living areas, so you can be at peace knowing that everyone has their own space to relax in.

"There is a designated activity area which has been styled as a multi-function room. It can also be used as a perfect space for much younger children as a toy room, or even a study area for adults. The upstairs living space has been modelled on a tranquil parent retreat area just off the main bedroom with a computer-nook space. It has many uses and is furnished in the Maddison as a peaceful reading area with access to a balcony. Perfect for parents to escape for some much-deserved quiet time!"

Inspired by the stars

The design of the Maddison drew heavily on the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, and Noelle was able to incorporate that into the interior as well.

"Wright is said to have believed in designing structures that were in harmony with humanity and its environment, a philosophy he called organic architecture. His fondness for simple geometric shapes are always a motivation for interior simplicity. I have tried to take subtle elements of this throughout the interior of the Maddison."

Maddison Display Home Kitchen

The kitchen also has some splashes of the Lloyd Wright inspiration, which shows how the great architect has been honoured all throughout the Maddison.

The three downstairs bedrooms have been styled to appeal to children and young teenagers in this display home, so that parents can see how their young ones could fit right into the spaces. It's similar for the media room, and the Lloyd Wright flavour found its way in here as well."The kitchen boasts a long expanse of dark cupboards with a low window set off-centre providing a pop of light. The use of black in the cabinetry and grey stacked tiles is a deliberate nod to that Lloyd Wright imagery, and the inclusion of a modern black fridge completes the striking wall, giving it a real 'wow factor'."

"The walls in the theatre are wallpapered in a black concrete look with just a hint of yellow gold. Dark walls and moody theatre spaces go hand-in-glove and this room is a wonderful, inviting area straight off the entry hall. The art in this room is another reflection of the Lloyd Wright style using geometric patterns."

We think the Maddison is an absolutely amazing home, and you can see it for yourself on display during our opening hours. Who knows, it might inspire your very own apg homes purchase.