Inspiration: Interior styling for the havana

Our Havana display home in Perth has been a massive hit, and we keep getting asked all sorts of questions around the unique style and interior design. While we're happy to answer all of these queries and walk people through our displays, we thought it might be a good idea to share some of the inspiration behind this fantastic interpretation of a modern home.

Talking to Jade Webb, one of our Interior Decorators, we were able to dig out some of the unique insights she had into the interior design process and this project in particular.

Loving where you are

Jade's love of interior design stems from the love people have for their homes. While she's always finding innovative and challenging ways to engage with interior design, she notes that working with someone's house is different.

"Working with residential interiors is particularly special. The space we choose to call home and feel comfortable in is deeply personal."

Drilling deeper, the three children's bedrooms of the Havana are a favourite. These rooms in particular allowed Jade to express her creativity in a more unbounded way than any other area.

What is the inspiration for the Havana?

From concept to completion it can take around 12 months to get a new single or double storey house looking like a finished product from Jade's perspective. If your own home is taking a while to come together, this should be a relief to hear!

The inspiration for this particular design was a collaborative effort between Jade and her colleagues, Noelle and Di. Together they wanted to create a contemporary and open warehouse feel, with a touch of masculinity to it. After selecting a few key pieces of furniture, they were able to work around these to get the overall effect they were after.

There are also some very simple DIY touches that create an edgy look at little cost - this could be something to keep in mind for your own home.

The activity room featured a couple of these do-it-yourself creations, including a coffee table made from pallets. This simple piece of furniture adds to the uncomplicated, warehouse style and is easy to achieve with even a limited budget or DIY know-how. Another cost saver in this room is the custom wallpaper, which is in fact a scan of artwork commissioned by an up and coming Perth artist, Tom Hyde.

Another simple decorative item is a tree branch with decorative items hung off it, which creates a simple, yet classy piece of wall art for the one of the minor bedrooms.

Tips for achieving this look at home

Aside from the do-it-yourself furniture and decorations, Jade also had some other tips for us. The three items she thinks are essential to creating this look are: raw timbers, concrete and mid-grey paint. Even just considering these three materials on their own, you are probably able to envision what the end result for your home could be.

If you're out and about looking for inspiration for your own Havana-style interior design, keep an eye out for statement pieces of furniture to build your look around, as well as materials such as concrete, metals and warm woods to create the warehouse feel. You can also use paint or wallpaper for an affordable, yet effective whole-room makeover.

However, Jade also notes that homeowners shouldn't lock themselves into one particular style for life. Instead of using strong colours or patterns in hard fixtures, such as cabinetry or tiling, implement them in changeable decorative items, such as rugs or cushions. This means your home won't date, even if the look you have gone for has fallen out of vogue. Simply swapping out some of your bolder ornaments or pieces of furniture can change your entire look.

At the end of the day, Jade tells us that the key to being a great interior designer is to be versatile, artistic and adaptable. If you're trying to achieve this kind of style for your new home, you don't have to replicate it piece-by-piece. Using your imagination and the great tips provided here, you can come up with something that is a true expression of your home and the style you want to achieve for your family.

Want to see the Havana in the flesh?

It's open Mondays & Wednesdays: 2-5pm and Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays: 1-5pm @ 5 Ruskin Way Southern River! More information here.