indoor plants to purify your air

peace lilyYour home should be a sanctuary - a place you can enjoy at the end of the day.

However, even if you've got a luxuriously spacious new home building, there are certain chemical compounds in everyday cleaning solutions and upholstery that can emit toxins. 

Luckily, there's a solution that will not only purify the air, but will also make your home look gorgeous.

Indoor plants with natural purifying functions brighten living spaces and are perfect additions to double storey home designs.

Fancy phaeleonopsis

The phaeleonopsis orchid is a quintessential indoor plant - and not only is it gracefully beautiful, it's also great for your home.

Orchids are easy to care for, as they don't require a lot of water or sunlight. They help remove xylene from the air, too.

The white- and magenta-tipped petals add a splash of colour to any room and you can even choose a pot that will match the space. Cream is classic while bright yellows or oranges are great to liven up living spaces.

Refresh your rooms with spathiphyllum

The spathiphyllum is more commonly known as the peace lily, and it's perfect for your home.

Not only is it a breeze to look after - it can survive in both bright- and low-light conditions - it's also visually stunning.

If you do want the plant to bloom, try to provide it with some sunlight, as too little light will prevent flower production. However, when the plant does bloom, you'll be pleased - the crisp white single petal on each stalk is a magical sight in any room of the house.

These natural air-fresheners only require watering once a week!

Anyone want anthuriums?

The glossy, wax-like leaves and petals of the anthurium plant makes it the perfect piece of greenery for the kitchen or in a home study.

Its petals are a rich red with bright yellow stamens and the leaves soak up any toxins in the area, so you can breathe easy.

 Image source pinterest