indoor flora: the health benefits of incorporating plants into your home

Incorporating plants into your internal new storey home design may just seem like a nice and natural way to decorate your home. But there are other, more healthy benefits to having plants spread throughout your home as well.

For example, a number of popular house plants help to purify the air around them. By removing toxins like formaldehyde (which can be found in rugs, carpets and plastic bags), benzene and trichloroethylene (man-made fibres and paints) from the air, these plants can help you to breath easier.

Flora like the Spider plant, Dragon tree or Gerbera daisy are all capable of cleansing the air in your home and removing these pollutants from the atmosphere indoors.

These plants simply pull the toxins out of the air and into the soil, converting it into nutrients and food for the plant, and helping to improve the overall healthiness of your home. This could be especially beneficial for anyone who suffers from allergies, or is particularly susceptible to illness. 

Furthermore, when you exhale, you're breathing out carbon dioxide. Plants take this in during a process called photosynthesis and convert it back into oxygen, which they then release back into the air.

By having a number of plants scattered throughout your home, you can increase the overall amount of oxygen in your home and reap all the benefits that come from having fresh, clean air circulating around your property.

One such plant is the Peace lily, which is capable of removing mold from the air and can be put into areas of your home that experience dampness in order to help purify the air and prevent damage to your walls.

The Snake plant can also purify the air, and has the added bonus of being able to remove nitrogen oxide, which is produced by fuel-burning appliances from the ait. So, this plant could be perfect for having around in winter if you own a gas heater or other fuel-consuming device.