incorporating sentimental pieces into your new home design

Anyone planning to demolish and build a new home in Western Australia has a lot of exciting things to look forward to. A brand-new home where they can live their lives, raise a family and create a whole bunch of new memories!

However, what about the memories from your old home? Perhaps there are strong memories associated with a certain fixture that you don't want to simply demolish and destroy.

Planning ahead is crucial if you wish to incorporate some of the more sentimental pieces of your old home into your double storey home designs. For example, incorporating an old pot belly stove into your new home kitchen could be easy - simply get in contact with your home designer and discuss the possibility.

If you wish to keep your old furnishings after the construction, take this into account when you're designing the home. Make sure you incorporate the older pieces in with the new to create a unique, liveable space that's both sentimental and modern.

Dorset chair

For example, if you're hoping to incorporate older furniture into your living room, it could be worth giving some consideration to your overall colour palate. If the furniture is relatively muted, complement it with similar, timeless colours.

The benefit of doing this is that if you do decide to change your furniture eventually, these colours are easy to combine with a wide range of modern pieces - so your home can continue to remain chic, regardless of any changes made in the future.

This forward thought isn't necessary for everything, however. Pieces like bedframes are usually covered and located in private rooms, so these don’t necessarily need to be incorporated in any large design choices.

Chatting with your interior designer will be the best way to get the right advice about how to incorporate sentimental pieces into your new home with style and ease.