how can you incorporate al fresco living into your new home design?

With Australian summers being notoriously hot, there are a number of reasons for wanting to embrace the outdoor breeze in lieu of staying stuffy and sweltering inside your home. One of the most convincing could be the opportunity to indulge in some al fresco living.

If you're considering new home building in the near future, now could be the perfect time to incorporate some outdoor lifestyle features into your single or double storey home designs.

For example, giving some thought towards dedicating a section of your backyard to a patio could be a great idea. Having a space for outdoor furniture to be placed offers somewhere that serves as both a space for entertaining friends and family, and as an area where you can retreat to and relax.

Furthermore, this offers a fantastic area for dining. Whether it be during the summertime sunshine or the cooler, winter months (complete with fireplace or heaters), there is no end to the types of social gatherings you can throw with a functional patio.

If embracing outdoor living and dining is something you'd like to pursue seriously, it could also be worth giving some thought to the idea of building an external kitchen. 

Much like a regular kitchen, having enough space to move easily between the oven and bench - as well as having sufficient storage for various utensils and plates - could be a great backyard fixture to embrace when building your new home.

Having a bench and oven space outside means that, no matter the time of year, you can always rely on the option to cook beneath the clear sky. Getting back to nature has never been more delicious!

Of course, it would be worth getting in contact with an apg home expert to discuss the options available to you. Their knowledge will help you to achieve your home design goals, ensuring you build a home to live in for years to come.