how can Resolve Finance get you in your new home sooner?

Everyone wants the shiny, glinting keys to their brand new home as soon as possible. Turning that lock, now as a proud owner, and stepping inside for the first time is a milestone. So, how can Resolve Finance help you to achieve this goal even sooner?

We sat down for an interview with Richard Velliaris, Home Loan Specialist at Resolve Finance, to ask exactly that.

Introducing Richard....

Richard has worked at Resolve Finance for 12 years, and has strong expertise in helping home buyers manage their finances. His university education in commerce and finance built the foundation for his career in this industry. We are proud that Richard is the recommended Home Loan Specialist for apg homes.

Here's what you need to know before you can say 'honey, I'm home!'

1) There's a free appointment to kick things off

Resolve Finance offers a free first appointment service where you can sit down with a specialist, who will review your overall financial situation. They will inform you about your access to different lenders, look at what suits your situation best, discuss your options to figure out what kind of deposit you will need, what the repayments will be and what you can borrow. All of this will be explained to you in detail, and Resolve Finance will arrange matters with your bank accordingly.

2) The My Home Plan program is especially designed to help first home buyers

If you don't have the necessary finances in order or the job security needed to make a deposit, the My Home Plan program is here to help. A specialist will meet with you to get your credit on the right track between 6-12 months, whether you need to budget, save or improve a debt situation.

You will be guided to be able to get in a position to get a loan, at which point you are helped by a Home Loan Specialist - it's a progressive process to help you at every step of your journey.

3) Resolve Finance provides access to low-deposit and Parent Assist options

"Resolve Finance has access to low-deposit options. Banks nowadays do require quite a significant deposit, but we have neat products that are low-deposit," said Richard. "Our lending partner, Bluebay Home Loans, works with us to provide loan assist packages."

Now, that sounds like a savvy way to handle finances!

4) They are experts in construction finance

"We specialise in construction finance - it's a major part of what we do, we understand the ins and outs of it," emphasised Richard. New home building can be a lot smoother with the correct construction finance advice, so Resolve Finance is the place to go.

A dollar saved is a dollar earned: Top money saving tips from Richard

  • We've recently come to the end of a financial year, and that means cha-ching to tax returns! Save these funds towards a deposit.
  • Self-employed people need to prove they can service a loan, yet they tend to write-off a lot of their expenses, meaning they have no taxable income leftover. Ensure your accounts and paperwork can prove income - or else, getting a loan is difficult.
  • Always repay existing financial commitments on time - a bad credit rating can close doors on your dream home.
  • Pay off debts with a higher interest first. Prioritise repayments accordingly.
  • Get on a savings plan and stick to it - it can be tough, but be disciplined.