hot outdoor oven ideas

For many homeowners, a high-end kitchen is a must. 

Building a new home allows you to select a design that best matches your preferences, so if a flash kitchen is a must, then you can make sure this becomes a reality.

However, many Australians are turning away from their impressively modern kitchens in favour of something a little more primitive. 

Behold, the outdoor oven

Outdoor ovens are nothing new, but they've never been more in-fashion.

The interior of the oven reaches incredibly high temperatures - well above your regular kitchen oven. However, paired with its special interior materials, you'll be making pizzas with delightfully crispy bases in no time, not to mention bread and slow-cooked meats.

Different types of ovens are available - some work by the convection principle, with cool air entering the front of the oven and being heated by the fire at the rear of the oven. A consistent flow of heat ensures food is cooked perfectly.

The radiant heat technique involves heat from a direct source. The first itself can cook the food, while warmth stored in the oven's walls will also do the same.

However, no matter the type of oven you go for, the result will be the same: delicious meals for the whole family to enjoy!

Brick or clay

There are many types of outdoor ovens when it comes to design. 

Ovens tend to be rounded at the rear, with a large mouth, or opening, at the front. There needs to be sufficient height for the air to circulate properly in the oven. 

The thicker the oven's walls, the longer it will take to achieve the appropriate temperature, which tends to be well above 300 degrees celsius. For this reason, clay may be a preferable option, as you'll have more leeway with the thickness of the walls.

However, brick outdoor ovens also work equally well and have a wonderful rustic aesthetic.

Have a chat with your Perth-based builder if you want to talk over outdoor oven placement in your new home.