home design for personality: pet lover

dog feeding station kitchenFamilies with much-loved furry friends may wonder what kind of home design features are right for them. 

While a dedicated pet room might stretch the limits of most, there are certainly other features to keep in mind when seeking inspiration from single and double storey house plans.

Rethink small spaces

Dogs and cats often seem to be your best friend when meal time comes around - it's not uncommon for them to wind themselves around your legs when they hear the rattle of biscuits or a can being opened. 

Small spaces in your kitchen can be used as pet-feeding areas, to keep them out of the way when they're eating. Space beneath kitchen benchtops that would otherwise house a small cupboard can instead be used as an open cavity. 

Place pets' food and water bowls in the space where they can duck into when it's dinnertime!

Outdoor space

If you've got a dog or are thinking about welcoming a canine friend into your family, it's important to consider your outdoor space. 

Dogs require different amounts of exercise depending on their breed, but having a local park nearby is a bonus, whether you've got a small Shih Tzu or a grand German Shephard.

However, when it comes to your own home, it's important to have some yard space to keep pets happy between walks. 

You'll need to consider how this is laid out. One popular design feature is an al fresco area, which can be incorporated into plans for large properties as well as for narrow lot homes. Add grass at the very rear of the property and consider hedges or trees for greenery, rather than delicate flowerbeds.

Staying smooth

Wood, concrete and tile are all trendy flooring options for the home.

They're also ideal for those with pets that moult frequently, as they're easily cleaned. Don't forget to invest in a cosy bed for your furry friend - just be sure that it matches your decor.


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