home design for personality: music fanatic

music lovers houseA music fanatic or an avid entertainer will want some very specific features in their new home building. Here's how to get it right, whether you're considering smaller properties or double storey home designs.

Get the room right

Whether you have a dedicated listening room or prefer to switch on your favourite tunes throughout the house, you'll need to consider the acoustics of the property.

As sound travels, it bounces off objects in a room. 

If you want to have a home - or at the very least, a living space - with good acoustics, you'll need to cushion the sound.

Spaces with hard floors and walls can cause an echo effect, while living areas that have plush carpets or rugs, thick curtains and stuffed furniture will treat the sound in a much better manner.

Scattering involves placing objects in an area that gives
 sound an opportunity to bounce off. This is otherwise known as sound diffusion - something that audiophiles will be familiar with - which breaks sound waves into smaller parts, equally scattering them over a room.

Everyday items like bookshelves can be used to help diffuse sound. Acoustic panels can also be placed on walls and ceilings to improve the listening experience.

The perfect equipment

There's an impressive range of listening equipment on the market. 

If you've got a smaller property but want to enjoy some smooth sounds, consider wall mounted speakers.

By contrast, larger, open-plan spaces could benefit from freestanding speakers, many of which look fantastic in a home with a contemporary design aesthetic. However, make sure that open spaces have adopted the appropriate sound diffusion techniques.

Entertainers and music lovers alike may also consider specially designed outdoor speakers to take the party outside with their friends.


Listening to jazz under stark, clinical lights is hardly a relaxing experience. 

Music lovers and entertainers should install a range of lights and use dimmer switches in order to create the perfect mood.mage source pinterest.