hardwood floors - a chic flooring option that stands the test of time

If you're looking into new home building, one of the key design features that is going to come up sooner or later is the question of flooring. There have been many different popular styles throughout the last few decades, which gives you a number of designs to take inspiration from.

However, one floor material has stood the test of time and still remains as classic, chic and stylish as ever - the hardwood floor.

One of the main reasons for this continued relevance for interior design style is the agelessness of polished wood. Getting good, high quality hardwood flooring is preparing your home to go the distance - sometimes as long as 100 years, depending on the degree of care and maintenance.

Unlike carpet, hardwood floors are incredibly easy to clean. This makes them perfect for families with young children, or those expecting, by removing the risk of having unsightly stains throughout their home.

Furthermore, hardwood flooring is the healthy option for those who suffer from allergies. Over time, carpet will trap nasty allergens in the fibres, making it a nightmare for anyone sensitive to allergies.

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But hardwood flooring has no fibres to trap dust, pollen, particles, or animal fur - contributing to excellent interior air and a higher quality of life for allergy sufferers.

Unlike carpet or laminates, which are often made with petroleum products, hardwood flooring is 100 per cent natural, eco-friendly product.With sustainability something that many home builders and buyers are becoming increasingly aware of, hardwood floors are the perfect clean, green solution for your home.

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