trend alert: glass and brass

Australians are a proud people, but we can be understated too. Minimalism and neutrality has been all the rage in home decor over the past few years, but the time for downplaying our stylistic choices is gone - luxurious fittings and bold colours are upon us!

The colour trends for 2015 feature bold statements and fashion is increasingly influencing interior design - so how can you work this into your new two storey home?

Glass and brass

Bold moves have been made in the working of glass since the prolific innovations of Louis Comfort Tiffany in the 19th century, and these eye-catching delights are finding their way to modern homes. While not everyone can afford Tiffany glass, contemporary production processes have made this look more affordable and easier to create.

Placing a few multi-coloured, crafted glass pieces around the home can make dull rooms suddenly sparkle with light and vibrant hues. Vases, lamps and decorative dishes are all viable options.

On the more opaque side of the home-decor spectrum, metallics have made a huge come back. Not the tacky, faux-ornate fittings of the 70s, but rather gleaming pieces of art, with natural curves and rounded edges.

Light fittings, curtain rods and sculptures in brass, brushed stainless and gleaming copper-tones are all great ways to bring this modern aesthetic to your new two storey house.

Combing the harshness of metal with the soft tones and colour-flecks of worked glass creates a total mastery of the senses, elevating your home's style more than either one could on its own.

The important part of combining these two very different elements is maintaining a sense of fluid movement. Rather than bulky, square-edged pieces, look for flowing shapes and colours that meld into each other.

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