get spotty: embrace patterns in your home

Decorating your home can be a rewarding task. After all, you're the one who gets to enjoy your new home design in the years ahead. One design trend that's popular among homeowners is patterns - from furniture covering to artistic prints and wallpaper.

However, some guidance is always helpful to ensure your living spaces, bedrooms and bathrooms look picture perfect, rather than a patterned nightmare!

What are your proportions?

Whether you're in an expansive double storey property or a narrow lot home, take a careful look at your furniture selections. 

If you've got a few pieces of large furniture - such as an oversize sofa and big coffee table - you can afford to play with big, bold prints. Geometric prints in a range of colours would look fabulous in this instance. 

By contrast, if you've selected more dainty, refined pieces of furniture, choose your prints accordingly. Oversize geometric patterns won't look as good as delicate florals or narrow stripes in such a case.

There are plenty of ways to add prints, from throwing a few vibrant cushions onto your sofa to hanging a floor-to-ceiling piece of abstract artwork. Just ensure that the scale of the patterns you choose - be it spots, stripes or zig-zags - reflect your property's proportions.

Should I select one print, or go all-out?

Whether you pick one pattern or many is up to you. You'll need to think carefully about the kind of vibe you want to create. 

For instance, you can pair bold florals (think thick outlines of flowers in shades of magenta, grey and tangerine) with striped furniture, artwork or vases.

If you're going to mix patterns, don't worry about them clashing. Instead, focus on creating unity by selecting patterns that embrace similar or complementary hues.

Alternatively, you might like to create a focal point in your room. If so, pick a single pattern and use it in a carefully-considered space in the room. Want to draw people to the centre of the living room? Add a bold, patterned rug in the centre!