get more out of your new home

When choosing a design for your new home building project, something to consider is just how much you're getting in your finished home. That is, how much space, storage and light will your new home have? These are three of the fundamental aspects of apg homes' build with intelligence ethos, and we make sure you get the most out of your new home possible.

Better storage solutions

Homes by apg are designed to maximise flow, privacy, family space and storage. Clever considerations allow us to maximise your storage space with well-placed linen cupboards, walk-in pantries, and more.

A very smart way to increase the space you have available to store stuff is to use the space under your staircase. We use concrete for all of our staircases, which has multiple benefits. Not only does this robust design and material use allow us to create extra storage, it means your stairs are firmer and stronger, as well as quieter.

More space

Our range of homes are built to maximise the usability of every area of the home, and part of this is providing more space. One way in which more space is squeezed out every home design is by intelligently making use of specific areas, such as under the stairs as mentioned before, to increase the floor space in the rest of the house.

Space can be conserved in many ways. Letting an area pull double duty is one - many apg home designs feature an upstairs landing that has been enlarged to create a sitting room or activity room. Cleverly positioning wet areas upstairs and downstairs in vertical alignment also means less space is taken up with plumbing and pipes.

This saves on cost when building, but also means less cavity volume is taken up by piping - allowing better use of this space, such as bigger cupboards, pantries or laundry rooms.

Taking in the sun

Another prominent feature of the apg collection of designs is higher ceilings. This allows more light and air to circulate in your home, making it a happier, healthier place to live.

The main living areas have a higher 30-course ceiling and 27-course windows in the main living area. Part of what makes this extra height possible is the suspended concrete slab used between floors. This slab is multi-purpose in design and function. It is more thermally efficient than wooden floors and allows for less noise transmission between floors. It also features integrated battens on the underside so that ceiling board can be directly attached to it, minimising wasted space.

Creating beautifully styled homes that are also practical and functional is part of apg's mantra - the other is making sure that it's affordable for the customer. By standardising these advanced features in our designs, we make sure that all of our clients have access to the best of the best.