Game on! Your guide to furnishing a games/activity room

A games or activity room is the perfect addition to any home, an ideal space for family game night or hosting friends over for pool or poker tournaments full of laughter, drinks and food. Here at apg homes, we know there's a lot of value in a room of such nature, which is why many of our two storey home designs include a room dedicated to this purpose. 

Whether you use it for a weekly game night session or as a multi-purpose space, a well-furnished games room is sure to bust boredom right out the door. Deck it out with electronic games and physical activities such as billiards, foosball or table tennis. Here's a handy guide to furnishing and styling the space. 

Zones for different activities

Think about health and safety as you plan where things will go. A corner is good for setting up a television screen atop a cabinet full of the gadgets and games equipment, placing a small L- shaped sofa opposite for cosy PlayStation or X-Box gaming sessions.

A clever use of space would be to install a projector screen and use a spare wall as the display for the gaming, leaving several cosy bean bags on the ground. This option means you can pack away the bean bags and have free floor space and only pull the screen down when needed, whereas a sofa and TV cabinet area is not as portable. 

Pool tables look best in the centre of a room, but if you have a bigger activity room, designate a third of the space to other 'Kids Den' activities such as small arts and crafts tables or make the room an adult space with a round table with bar stools for poker night with friends. 

Chic yet playful styling

A row of pendant lights above the pool table will look elegant, especially if you get light fixtures of current trends such as copper or rose gold materials. Some designs featured on HGTV added quirky touches such as a hammock swing hung by a bay window, or cushions with prints of poker chips or playing cards.

Floating shelves are ideal for storing all your game CDs and DVDs, and for those of you passionate about vintage or classic games, frame old posters or comic book pages up as artwork on the game room walls for a playful touch. Collector cards such as rare Pokemon are also good artwork choices for this room. 

Refreshing drinks

A minibar or fridge will be a welcome addition to this room, making access to cool drinks (beers as well as juices for the kids) easy and refreshing. 

Invite friends over or tuck in for a Friday family night of takeaway food and games and toast to your new thrilling activity room!