four ways to make your home safer for children

childproof homeWhether you've got young children or are planning on starting a family in years to come, creating a safe environment is a necessary step. 

There are a number of fixtures and other tricks you can consider to create a safe home. 

Safety barriers

Once toddlers get on their feet, exploring is inevitable. While you want to encourage children to interact with their environment, it's important to consider the layout of your home. 

Double storey house plans allow you to maximise space, even if you don't have much land to work with, and help accommodate a growing family. 

However, a stair rail is important to prevent very young children who are still crawling or wobbly on their feet from injuring themselves. 

Heat protection

Heaters or wood fires can keep your property toasty during cooler seasons, but they may also pose a safety risk. 

Fortunately, a fire guard can help keep kids away from the heat and prevent burns. Teaching children about the danger of hot water and liquids is important, too. 

Ensure your kitchen bench and dining table are high enough to prevent small hands from knocking over hot beverages that could scald them.

Powerpoint covers

Curious toddlers have a penchant for touching things and sticking their fingers in places they sometimes shouldn't.

One of these places is a power socket, so be sure to invest in covers that little hands can't pry off. When constructing a new home building, have a chat with your builder about placement of powerpoints if you're concerned.

Clever shelving

Just as young children like to touch anything that comes into their sight, they sometimes enjoy tasting an array of objects. 

If it's the evening's dinner, parents will be pleased. But when it comes to harmful substances like medication and cleaning products, the results can be disastrous. 

When designing your home, be sure to add inbuilt storage in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, with high shelves that small children can't access.


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