feature walls: where to have them

feature wallFeature walls - sometimes known as accent walls - can add vibrancy to single and double storey home plans.

This interior design trend is often focussed on playing with shades of crimson, coral and sunshine yellow. However, you're certainly not limited to these fiery colours and can play around with an array of shades. 

Once you've decided what room to bless with this unique accent, you'll be better positioned to make a decision relating to the perfect colour.

Living room

An open-plan living space in a new home building is the perfect area for a feature wall and is a common choice for those who choose to foray into this exciting design trend.

You'll need to pick an area of the room that's free from doors and windows - or at least free from any key access points. 

For instance, if you've got a living space that opens onto an alfresco area, a feature wall on the opposite side of the room can look smashing. 

As they have a tendency to define the room, think carefully about the colours you use. However, a living space is the right room to pick for a feature wall if you want to experiment with bolder colours.


While bedrooms can be forgotten after decorating the living room, kitchen or even giving the bathroom a makeover, it's important to give this space some attention.

If your bed and surrounding furniture is a little bland, a feature wall is a great way to spice up a bedroom without over-committing. 

Unlike a huge renovation or investment in an entirely new set of furnishings, a feature wall can require considerably less effort and expense. 

For the bedroom, choose a feature colour that's complementary to or a few shades darker than the rest of the room for a sophisticated feel - shades like olive and mulberry work well.


A bold turquoise feature wall in a fresh white-tiled bathroom can look absolutely stunning. 

If you're going to have feature walls in this room, keep it consistent across the general bathroom and the ensuite.