fantastic features of an entertainer's home

entertainers homeThe perfect property for some homeowners will be completely different to the preferences of another.

While couples may want a spacious living room, young families may prefer to have a smaller lounge and a play room for the kids. Narrow lot homes are becoming increasingly popular and double storey home plans are selected by those who like the idea of split-level living.

An entertainer's ideal property has some particular features. If you enjoying hosting friends and family at your home, read on for some inspiring tips before setting out the plans for your new home building.

A stellar kitchen

A well-equipped kitchen is a necessity for an avid home entertainer. 

While excellent cooking utensils and classy dinnerware are desirable, it's also imperative that entertainers get the layout right when they're building a new home. 

An open, minimalist space is a good idea for entertainers. It's often a smart idea for the kitchen and living space to be open plan.

A long bench can dissect the space without being as intrusive as a wall and it can be used for both cooking preparation and setting down prepared dishes or delectable nibbles.

Entertainers may also want to have a gas stovetop installed, as this cooking method provides the user with a much greater degree of control than conventional electric stoves - allowing more time for mingling with relatives or friends!

Indoor-outdoor flow 

Not only is it important to have sufficient space to play host to people, but entertainers will want to ensure that guests can move freely around the home's living space. 

Indoor-outdoor flow that harnesses the space you have to create the impression of more space is ideal for entertaining. 

Glass panel doors can slide open to reveal a patio and outdoor seats or a barbecue add the perfect touch for hosting loved ones.

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