expert design trends: emphasising your indoor-outdoor flow

There are a number of different factors to consider when commencing the design process for your new home. Keeping up to date on the latest trends and movements in the industry will ensure you have plenty of ideas to feed into the design of your new home.

One of the best ways to do this is to regularly visit new display homes and visiting an apg display home is the perfect place to start. apg display homes are always designed based on the latest design trends and also incorporate invaluable feedback from our customers. 

One of the most recent and most popular design trends you will see in all of apg’s display homes is the incorporation of an indoor-outdoor flow concept. 

Chris Riccadonna, the Display and New Home Manager for apg homes, describes the consistent relationship that many home builders want to achieve between their inside environment and the outdoor living areas as "creating an open living space that has a good relationship with the outdoor living area."

“This relationship is a must for many of our clients. In fact, I'd say that outdoor spaces are just as important as the internal areas of the home these days," said Mr Riccadonna.

Taking into account the type of decking you want to achieve, as well as the integration of BBQ set ups, pool areas and luscious garden spaces all need to be considered when creating your double storey home design.

"It's all about achieving a more lifestyle feel. People want it to feel like you're having a holiday in your backyard."

With the seasons rapidly changing for the warmer, people will be spending more and more time outside in the sun. Ensuring you have all the facilities in place to maximise your usage of the space can afford you the most enjoyment possible.

For example, installing solar powered lights around high traffic areas is an easy, sustainable solution to help aid visibility for those lazy Sunday BBQ's that linger long into the summer nights.

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Visit an apg display home Saturday, Sunday & public holidays from 1pm to 5pm or Monday & Wednesday from 2pm to 5pm or contact a apg building and design consultant today on  (08) 9208 9000. These are just some of the things you can talk to your apg homes design expert about, in order to help create the ultimate living space for you and your family!