ensuite design tips: creating an oasis of your bedroom

Ensuites are fast becoming the norm for many modern houses today, and it's hard to argue against that. Your own quiet space where it's possible to lock the door and soak in the warmth of a bubble bath without being disturbed is a slice of heaven on Earth.

Take this into consideration when you're creating your double storey home designs. The benefits of having one installed are vast. For one, if you live with teenage children, getting ready in the morning with only one bathroom can be a nightmare.

When you're constructing your own home, consider the space that you will be dedicating to your ensuite.

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After all, you'll want it to be large enough to house a shower (and perhaps a bathtub), a toilet and a sink comfortably. You may also want to add some shelving in there for storage purposes. The location of your master bedroom - whether it's upstairs or down - could also influence your overall design decision.

This will be something to consider before approaching the planning stages so that you can determine the options available to you with the planners and builders before getting started.

And for a cheeky little tip to help increase the perceived space of the room, orienting the house so your ensuite can have a window for sunlight to shine in and a mirror to reflect the space can go a long way to increasing your overall satisfaction with the room - rather than having it feel like a last minute addition.

There's no reason why your ensuite cannot be fitted out to look and feel like a designer bathroom, so bring along any pictures or ideas you have to your consultation with an apg expert and help to design the ensuite you've always dreamed of.