embrace an indoor garden

There's nothing quite as lush as an in-home garden, but you'll need to get the basics right.

From sorting your soil to arranging the right drainage solution, there are a few things to bear in mind before you can enjoy leafy foliage in your home. 

Alternatively, there are some more simple ways of displaying plants, if a full-scale in-home garden seems too much to contend with. When it comes to picking the perfect single storey house plan, it's essential not to forget the finer details.

Soil, drainage and more

There are plenty of ways you can bring the outdoors into your home and a indoor garden feature is one of them. 

Use containers of pots that hold soil and pebbles, with leafy shrubs or trees planted in them. They can be at floor level or raised off the ground. However, adequate lighting - typically from a skylight - is a must. That said, you don't want the plants to be suffering under direct sunlight for too long, either!

Smaller pots are easy to move if the plants need extra sunshine. However, if your home has lots of glass, timber flooring and natural light, larger and more permanent pots or containers can look gorgeous.

Another option is to design an enclosed al fresco area that seamlessly merges with your interior living space. This allows you to bring the garden as close to your living space as possible, yet it's still technically in the outdoors.

cacti indoors

The finer details

Want leafy features in your home but with minimal maintenance?

A large terrarium or several an arrangement of brightly coloured cacti can look stunning and are very on-trend. These self-contained miniature garden displays look great year-round and are easy to assemble and maintain. 

It’s a good idea to consider the best types of indoor plants and match them with the surroundings. A low wooden bench painted white looks great, and you can add potted peace lillies, marigolds, orchids, geraniums, silver jade plants or even cacti!


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