eco-friendly gardening and outdoor living

gardenHaving outdoor space can make your property an even better asset.

Whether you're undertaking a demolish and build project on your current home or have bought an empty block, there are many great opportunities when it comes to creating the perfect garden for your family.

No matter the shape and size of your garden, there are multiple ways you can turn this into an environmentally friendly zone.

Say hello to creepy-crawlies

While some bugs can make people shudder, there are some very useful kinds when it comes to your garden. 

Ladybugs eat crop-destroying aphids and are therefore a welcome addition if you're trying to grow leafy vegetables.

Earthworms recycle nutrients in the soil, bury organic material and improve drainage. 

However, you can also create a compost bin that's driven by the power of these slimy creatures. Pop into your local gardening store for some advice and the best supplies. 

Worm farms can help reduce a household's carbon footprint.

This is because food scraps that are thrown out with everyday household waste end up producing methane and carbon dioxide when they decompose in landfills.

However, if you throw out food waste into a worm farm you'll avoid this level of negative environmental impact. The worms will create a rich soil that can be used as an excellent natural fertiliser for your garden, ensuring your plants look vibrant and healthy.

Embrace the natives

Native plants will adapt to your climate because they're accustomed to thriving in it!

Local government and council websites provide detailed information on native shrubbery and flowers, making it easier to pick what to plant. 

Not only do a lot of these natives look stunning, but you'll also contribute to their survival in the local ecosystem.

Minimise waste

If you've got a stunning alfresco area, think of ways you can minimise unnecessary waste.

For instance, plastic plates make entertaining friends a breeze, but they'll just end up in a landfill! Opt for environmentally friendly products and avoid using unnecessary plastic. 

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