don't neglect these tasks when winter rolls around

gutter cleaning for winterAs the seasons change, so does the necessary maintenance for your home. 

Double storey home designs and single level properties have gutters that need cleaning and keeping inside nice and cosy becomes a priority.

When it comes to preparing your new home for winter, there are a few things you can do to ensure the cooler months outside don't impact on the everyday living and enjoyment of your home. 

Clean out the gutters

There are multiple benefits to cleaning out your gutters. If you fail to keep them clean, you could see yourself dealing with blocked gutters and stormwater lines, which poses a water damage risk to your home. 

Gutters that are full of leaves are also a fire hazard. Clearing out dry or damp leaves from your gutter can be a task that you handle yourself, or get the professionals to do. 

If you intend to clear the gutter yourself, you'll need a sturdy ladder, a scoop and a bucket. Moving along the ladder, remove leaves and mulch from the gutter. Alternatively, you can lay a sheet of tarpaulin beneath the guttering and toss leaves onto this before removing it. 

A pressure hose can give your gutter the final clean it needs, too. Alternatively, you might just get professionals to complete the task, which is often a safer option.

Keeping things cosy

As temperatures cool down, it's good to know that you can curl up at home without your teeth chattering together. 

Having your home properly insulated not only keeps it warmer, it also stops warmth escaping through your roof, which can be costly. 

If you're investing in a new home building with apg, you can be confident that the insulation will be top notch, giving you more time to curl up in a nice warm home during the Perth winter.

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