designing a playroom: tips for creating a functional space

Living room, Play room

While you're considering the design for your future home, it could be worth giving some thought towards the possibility of having children.

While it may not necessarily be at the forefront of your thoughts at the moment, it's better to futureproof your home now than struggle with potential issues later.

After all, you don't want to have your lounge become a minefield of toys, especially when you have guests over or a full house of relatives for the holidays.

Creating a play room where your children can express themselves is an important aspect to factor into your plans. There are a number of special considerations you may want to give any room designed for children.

For example, taking the opportunity for multiple storage areas that are both easily accessible for children and functional as space-saving accessories is imperative.

You may want to consider investing in built-in drawers that function as a wall mounted seat - allowing you to utilise the room as a separate guest room or storage area until your children are older.

In terms of a colour scheme, retaining a relatively neutral tone will help you to use the room for a number of things. Rather than make it strictly childish and bright, keeping in theme with your home will allow a wide variety of uses, especially when your children grow up and relinquish the need for a playroom.

Furthermore, wooden floors could be a great idea to help remove the risk of stained carpet, especially if you regularly entertain a number of children in your home. Putting down some cheap rugs could be a simple alternative to full carpet and help you to retain a clean, healthy environment.