define your living space with paint, rugs and curtains

It's hardly surprising that once you settle into a new home, you'll want to add personal touches to your living space, bedrooms and outdoor areas. 

Building a new home allows you to turn your personal living preferences into a reality. Once your single or double storey home is ready to live in, you'll want to think about ways to define the space. Curtains, rugs and paint can all be used to define your shared areas. Read on to find out how!

Get it right with rugs

Placement is important in order to define the space. Not only will you need to consider the rug's position in the room, you'll also want to think about its proximity to your furniture. There are plenty of plush, colourful rugs on the market, but decorating your living room is not as easy as slapping a new rug on the ground. 

For instance, if you've opted for polished concrete, wooden floor or a neutral carpet, a large, bold rug can add vibrancy to the space. However, the larger the rug, the more out of place it will look if it's not aligned with the room.

Place the rug in the centre of the room, then position furniture at its edge so the front feet of couches and sofas rest on the rug.

Perhaps you want to create separate zones within your living area - this is particularly valid if you've got an open-plan living space that incorporates both entertaining and dining areas. If so, select smaller rugs in varying hues to create hubs around the space. Each rug's colours and design should complement the furniture it's placed by.

Finish it off with paint and curtains

A home is only complete once you've added the finishing touches, such as a clean lick of paint and lush curtains. 

Neutral hues such as cream and beige are all the rage for living spaces, while feature walls are also making a comeback. If you're a fan of bold colours, you can create a striking look by embracing bold shades in your rug and curtain selection, but keeping the walls a lighter shade.

Or, you might opt for simple white or navy drapes and allow your rugs and paint to make a statement. 

Remember - it's all about balance!