decorating your new home for Christmas

If you've just moved into your new home in Perth in the last few months, your house probably feels like enough of a present to last several Christmases. But, if you really want to wrap it up and put a bow on it, here are some tips for decorating your new home this Christmas.

Do something different

You may not even be used to your beautiful new home yet, so why would you want to make it look like your previous one? Instead of using old decorations in the usual way, you could try something new this Christmas.

Making your own Christmas decorations is a fun activity to share with the kids. It also means you don't have to stick with the normal holiday cliches. Try incorporating some of your local scenery into your Christmas trappings this year. Spending your holiday near the beach? Why not feature shells and driftwood on your Christmas tree or in your dinner table centre pieces?

There are many ways to incorporate a coastal theme into your Christmas that could be very rewarding - after all, sharing a holiday with your family and friends that is different to the norm will create a more memorable occasion for all.

Reuse old decorations

While you may choose to decorate with natural elements or even buy new decorations for your new house, don't let the old ones go to waste. Old decorations can be used to spread the cheer around a bit more. If you've used your new stuff in the main living areas, maybe use older baubles and tinsel in the upstairs sitting room or let the kids decorate their bedrooms.

For a really creative use of decorations from previous years, try using them outdoors or even creating new holiday ornaments out of them. Decorating outside is easy - using coloured balls and Christmas garlands to make every tree and shrub in view a veritable outdoor Christmas tree, for instance. Just make sure that any lights you use outside are rated for outdoor use.

If you'd like to try creating your own trimmings, grab a hot glue gun and prepare to get messy! Cutting some Styrofoam into a circle, you can glue baubles or those little foil presents into a wreath shape to form a unique door ornament. For those that are not faint of heart, building a Christmas tree shaped decoration could create a very different centrepiece for your lounge or the dining table.

Try new lighting techniques

Your new home is already a decorative piece all on its own. The contrasting lines and well-matched colours make for an intelligently designed and visually pleasing elevation. So how could you enhance the outside of your home for the holiday season without detracting from its appearance?

Instead of tacking on strings of lights or screwing gaudy decorations onto the roof, consider some accent lighting instead. Solar powered spotlights are a great way to light the front of your home, creating a sophisticated feel. Plain lights are great for understated elegance, but if you want a classic look, try yellow or orange lights. You can place these behind shrubs or garden features so that they are not obtrusive and point them up at the house.

Alternatively, you can put them at the base of a tree or water feature and illuminate it from below, creating striking visual effects. If you truly want to get into the swing of the season, try red, green and white lights - or you could try summery colours if you have gone for a coastal theme.

Whether you are going all out decorating your new home this year or you're putting your feet up and simply enjoying the newness of it all, all of us at apg homes wish you the best over the holiday season - and a fantastic new year!