creating the ultimate home entertaining experience

 A staple of most homes these days is the entertainment system on offer. Often, these are simply placed in the living room for the comfort and enjoyment of anyone who happens to be by the television set, but sometimes that isn't enough.

Sometimes you'll want a larger, dedicated home entertainment room, fully equipped with a flat screen television, the latest in gaming gadgets and DVD equipment, a sound system to rival that of any cinema chain and, most importantly, comfortable seating to lounge in while you watch, listen and enjoy. 

However, these rooms are often best planned in advance, due to the amount of constructional-related factors to consider. When you're creating your new homes design, it would pay to bring up the idea with your designer early.

For example, one of the most important aspects of a functional, impressive home theatre is nailing the acoustics.

Designing the room around the placement of your speakers and the direction of the sound will help to maximise the quality of the sound, while minimising the penetration of noise, both inside and out.

Furthermore, investigate soundproofing materials for your walls like insulation to further isolate your home theatre and improve your viewing experience.

This concept also extends to your roof. Using materials like fibreglass panels or insulation can really help to improve the overall atmosphere of the room, giving you the ultimate viewing experience.

Flooring should be a plump, plush carpet. Avoid hard wood or tile surfaces, due to the reverberation and acoustics of the room. You don't want to have sound bouncing off the floor and interfering with how the audio should be heard.

Colour wise, incorporating darker colours like maroon, dark browns and navy will aid in reducing the amount of light reflection from the screen while you watch in the dark, whilst also making the space appear larger and more spacious than it actually is.