create the ultimate entertaining home

If you're a particularly social person considering new home building, something you may wish to consider is how to make your home as accommodating as possible.


There are three main areas that are usually the focal point of social gatherings - kitchen, living room and outdoors - with various aspects to consider for each.

In recent years, the kitchen has moved away from being a purely functional space into a recreational zone that often becomes the heart of a party.

Things to consider for the ultimate entertaining kitchen include a focal point for your guests to enjoy. Nowadays, kitchen islands are becoming exceedingly popular for this reason, giving people somewhere to rest their drinks and body weight while conversing.

Living Room

The living room is the tried and true classic of home entertaining. Regardless of whether your kids are having friends over for movies and a sleepover, or you're partying with your own friends, the lounge is usually the media hub of the house.

Ensuring you have ample space for people to sit and stand at their leisure, while providing enough intimacy to make the experience truly special, is something to consider when creating your double storey home designs.

Outdoor spaces

With summer fast approaching, many social gatherings get taken outside into the warm Australian sunlight. And if you have ample room to create a deck for the BBQ, it's hard to resist the allure.

Furthermore, creating an indoor/outdoor flow could be another factor to consider, especially if you combine this with an open plan house design that helps to create a flowing, expansive household space for you and your guests to enjoy.

Chatting with an apg home expert about your home entertainment goals will help you to achieve the best results possible. Their expertise and skill will ensure your property is the most functional space it can be.