create the perfect kitchen for a messy chef

messy chefSome people love cooking at home and others despise it. 

Then there are the people who love to whip up family meal, but are the messiest chefs in town. This can exasperate other family members, who just want to make a coffee without slipping on stray spaghetti or encountering a stack of dirty crockery.

Fortunately, you can allow these passionate, albeit messy cooks continue to deliver delicious masterpieces, without the workspace suffering.

A super surface

The first step is to select a low-maintenance countertop. When you're investing in a new home building, getting the bench space right should be a top priority.

There's a range of countertops available for your kitchen that require little in the way of maintenance. When it comes to tidying up, some cleaning spray and a speedy swipe of a hot cloth will do wonders.

A laminate countertop is affordable, with an impressive arrange of colours on offer. These countertops can be cut into a range of shapes easily, so if a huge standing island is what your messy chef desires, this could be easy to achieve.

If you want the appearance of stone without dealing with the upkeep, Caesarstone is another option.

Arrange kitchen by use

Messy chefs are not always intrinsically messy - they just sometimes get so caught up simmering sauces as well as chopping, slicing and dicing that they drop things when they move around the kitchen.

Arrange the kitchen in a manner that reflects how a messy chef would move around it. Hang pots on a rack above the stove, have a jar of cooking utensils at the ready, keep chopping boards in an accessible spot and ensure that the fridge is located close to the food preparation area.

Finally, a double-dish dishwasher means dirty crockery and cooking implements can be put away efficiently.

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