create a parent's sanctuary

parent's sanctuaryBuilding a new home opens many doors - homeowners can choose whether to go for a single or double storey property, add a stunning al fresco area or include a children's playroom. 

As families grow, it's important that parents have a quiet space to relax in, from in the evenings after the kids have gone to bed to early in the morning on the weekend. 

Creating a sanctuary for parents helps create a more relaxing environment all-round. 

Build upwards

Before contemplating ways to make a single room more relaxing, it's worth considering the design of a new home building in its entirety. 

A double storey property allows you to physically separate living spaces. This creates "zones" across the house, enabling parents to relax in the living room by themselves in the evening, while children's bedrooms and a play area are located on the upper level. 

Parents, or couples who want to start a family in the future, may wish to check out the extensive range of double storey home designs on offer. 

Focus on warmth and colour

While separating living areas is all well and good, it's important to focus on creating the right environment in the master bedroom for relaxation. 

Walls should be painted soothing colours - whether you opt for a cool blue or rich brown with cream offsets. Linen should complement these tones, and nothing says relaxing like a super king bed that's got quality sheets, plenty of pillows and a cosy throw atop. 

Lighting should be warm and soothing rather than overly bright and harsh. You might install a dimmer switch or opt for lampshades that control the light.

Consider where the best views are and align your bed in that direction. 

Finally, ditch the wall-mounted plasma television and replace intrusive technology with freshly-cut flowers and sweetly-scented candles.


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