Create an office space you actually want to work from

Working from home is usually something that people dread. It means not leaving the house, but still having to go through the same drudgery of day-to-day office life. If you make an office space that you actually enjoy being inside of, however, that's all going to change.

When you need to work from home, all of a sudden you have this amazing room that you can use as a base, and it doesn't all seem so bad. You can spruce it up in any way you feel comfortable, so you're in total control of the office.

Below are a few of the ways that you can create the office space of your dreams, so be bold and change the way you work forever!

1) Family photos are a must

Photos of your loved ones can make an entire room feel much more cosy.

You might have some on your desk at work, or in your wallet and on your phone, but being surrounded by photos of your loved ones can make an entire room feel much more cosy.

It might be a lovely portrait of your partner and your kids, or even just a few small snaps of them all sitting in a frame, but it will really add a homely feel to the office. It's likely that you've got them on the walls at home, and even in your bedroom, so why not have them somewhere you spend a lot of time?

Your home office isn't just a place where you do work - it can also be somewhere you store important files and pay bills before they stack up. It doesn't have to be a complete room. It might just be a nook in a space away from the main living areas. Whatever works for you, there will be room for it in a single or double-storey home design from apg homes.

2) Work your personality in

When working on the interior design of your home, you tend to opt for the things that make you feel comfortable. It might be bright and bold colours, or even something as simple as old books on a nice shelf. Those principles work perfectly in a home office design as well.

If you're a bit of a petrol head, hanging some pictures on the wall of your favourite car, truck or motorbike might be the way to go. A technology buff would probably prefer something with wires and awesome lighting, so a funky computer could work here, or even a great quote from an inventor.

Make the space yours, and own it. Your home office shouldn't feel like a stale cubicle, so make the most of your floor space and get designing!

3) Be wary of your back

At work, you might be crammed into a tiny little office, or behind a single desk, and have to sit on an old, flat chair. That should absolutely not be the case in your home office.

It is your home after all, so make sure it's comfortable in every way. Have a desk that is at the right height, and is big enough for everything you want or need on it. Buy a new chair that's ergonomically designed and makes you feel like you're sitting on a throne. Have a computer screen that doesn't make you squint to read that tiny text from a co-worker who insists on writing everything in point six font.

Make sure you have everything you need to be comfortable in your home office.

Your home office space should be somewhere you don't dread working in. It might only be once a week, or it could be every single day, but you should love being there.

Make it your own with these simple starters, and talk to the team at apg homes for more inspirational ideas!