choosing window treatments for a new home

Window treatments can strike fear into the hearts of lesser men and women, but you're up for the challenge - right? Choosing the best blinds, curtains or shades for your new double storey home in Perth could be daunting, but with a quick look through this guide you'll be on your way to success.

Light or dark?

Drapery can provide more or less light depending on how sheer it is. If you're after a bit of privacy, but don't want to waste money on artificial lighting, thin curtains could do the trick.

However, if you want to keep the light at bay for an extra hour or two of sleep in the morning, there are options for you too. Blackout blinds are popular, as are heavier drapes. Heavy drops that extend to the floor and well-past the edge of the window keep out as much light as possible.


Warm or cool?

Want to keep cool in summer, but need some privacy? Shades and blinds work well. Air can still flow through, but the line-of-sight through the window is obscured. Light drapes can be just as effective.

Heavier drapes and thermal-lined curtains can be used to increase the energy efficiency of your home. These hefty units trap in the heat from air conditioners and other sources, adding to the benefits of your double-glazed windows. They are surprisingly good at keeping heat out in summer as well.

You might consider having a winter and summer set for rooms you use most often, such as open plan living areas which you want to keep toasty when it's cold and nice and breezy in the warmer months.

Layered options

An alternative to swapping window treatments twice a year is to have both options up all the time! Some rooms, such as the media rooms or entertainment areas in most apg homes, could benefit from a bit of illumination most of the time, with the option to darken the room when desired.

Sheer drapery or classic wood blinds provide the normal level of privacy and light that you would want, while a set of heavy curtains on a second rail can be drawn shut when it's time to fire up the projector or TV for a family night in.

You can also layer your curtains like this simply for the visual effect it creates. Having a light coloured curtain or blind bordered by nice drapes in a saucy colour can add sumptuousness to any room.

Of course, if this all seems like too much, you can talk to your apg consultant about a Turnkey option. This means getting your new double or single storey home ready to move in, with flooring and window treatments already sorted.