built-in or open space?

Double storey home designs potentially allow you to create more space on the same area of land by building upwards.

However, have you thought about how to utilise your home's space to its best ability? Whether this is your first home or you're upgrading to a new home building could affect how much furniture you need to move in and whether inbuilt storage is a good option.

If you've got a family or are considering starting one soon, consider how the child-specific furniture, toys and other equipment may take up space.


This storage option uses space incredibly efficiently, so it's a smart move for people who have - or  tend to acquire - a lot of kitchen appliances, bedware, festive decorations, books, clothing, kids' toys and more. When you buy off the plan, you can trust that these designs have the best use of space in mind.

However, because inbuilt cupboards are part of the framework of your home, you cannot simply downsize or upsize storage space. However, if you find yourself needing a little extra storage, you can always add a freestanding cupboard to your living space or bedroom, in addition to built-in units.

Larger inbuilt storage units (such as walk-in wardrobes and well-sized pantries) may require lighting within them. Luckily, increasingly popular double storey house plans mean your perfect abode is built from scratch, including the necessary electrical work.

Open space

An open space provides you with more flexibility, particularly if you already have a collection of storage units that you think would be perfect for your new home.

Spaces with little or no inbuilt storage give you the freedom to move wardrobes, coffee tables and freestanding cupboards within and between rooms, which is ideal if you like frequent change to freshen up your home.