Built with intelligence: the Lamont

The changing face of Western Australian properties is continuing, and that's sending out the call for more modern design principles to be incorporated into home building.

The latest addition to our double storey display home range is the Lamont, and we're absolutely delighted to be able to bring it to the Perth market.

We sat down with Ryan Webb, our Sales Manager, to discuss exactly what is so special about the Lamont, and why it's going to be perfect for Perth families.

Making clever use of space

The Lamont is one of apg Homes' narrow lot home designs, so making smart use of all the available space to create enough room for comfortable, functional living was of the utmost importance.

"It's one of our narrow lot home designs with four bedrooms and two bathrooms," said Ryan.

The Lamont's innovative use of space allows for an expansive open plan living area at the rear of the home and additional separate living areas, including a huge theatre space and a large activity area.

"The Lamont is a fresh modern home with contemporary elevations. It's showcases timeless architecture with the balcony overhanging the garage, which is two-tone in colour."

With such a great focus on the upstairs balcony space, it's like having your own viewing platform out over the gorgeous Honeywood Estate in Wandi.

"The balcony is huge at 2.7m deep by 4m wide. Off the activity room upstairs, it's almost like a raised alfresco. This could almost be another living area."

Built with intelligence

Narrow lot home designs need to be constructed cleverly in order to make the best use of the smaller block spaces that are becoming increasing common in Perth.

"Taking into consideration the decreasing size of blocks in Perth, which are now on average 15 metres in width, we've designed this house to be over 315 square metres in floor space to sit on a block that is only 12.5 metres wide."

The Lamont is also a fantastic option for parents who want a retreat from their hectic lives, with all of the minor bedrooms upstairs and the master situated on the ground floor. This is also perfect for anyone who is looking to rent out rooms in their home, as the upstairs spaces are great for creating a separate zone for guests.

"For people looking at building their own version of the Lamont, expect a fast and efficient construction process with a methodical, regularly updated journey."

The Lamont opens it's dorrs this weekend, Saturday 11th June @ 1pm. View the Lamont here.