building a new home that appeals to renters

rental home designEmbarking on the new home building process is thrilling, but not everyone does this in order to live in a property personally. With property investment commonplace in Australia, there are always opportunities available to build a property in order to rent it out. There are also blocks that have development potential.

When it comes to designing a rental, you may like to consider what kind of features your new property will have. While an outdoor pool could be a must for your family, potential tenants might be more focussed on how many bedrooms there are. 

Get it right from beginning when you're first looking at new home designs.

Consider your potential tenants

Before you decide which features to include in your single storey or double-level rental property, you'll need to consider who you'll rent the property to.

For instance, are you planning on targeting young families or are you more likely to offer the property to a senior couple?

Individuals with children may be focussed on living near local schools, in which case you'd be wise to purchase a lot that's reasonably close to nearby education primary and secondary schools.

Working professionals and parents may want to be located close to transport links, while retired couples may be more concerned with having access to the local golf course. When anticipating who you might rent the property to, you'll need to consider the kind of demographics in the area. There's no point designing a home that's perfect for young professionals if the area is overflowing with families eager to rent!

Add the right features

There are some features which are generally a hit with renters, so keep these in mind. 

Some tenants might want pets in the property, which is something you'll need to give some careful thought to. If you're happy to allow pets, consider a reasonable al fresco area for furry friends to hang out in. 

Air conditioning is a plus, particularly in Perth, which experiences very hot summers!

Ample living space is a plus, too. Don't forget about multiple bathrooms for larger homes as well.

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