is a breakthrough home right for me?

Choosing to embark on the home building journey as a new property owner is the first step. The second step is arguably the hardest - picking the right home design!

With apg homes, the new breakthrough range could be the solution to your family's needs. These innovative double storey properties start from just $229,832 and are proving popular with those seeking fantastic new homes from builders in Perth.

If any of the following apply, a breakthrough home could be the perfect solution to your property needs. 

You want an affordable home

Buying a property is a significant investment. In fact, it could well be the single biggest asset you'll ever own.

It pays to pick a property that's designed with your needs in mind, but also fits your price point. The breakthrough range has been designed with affordability in mind - you essentially get the great benefits of a double storey property, at the price of a single storey home.

At its essence, the breakthrough range is all about efficient construction. We don't skimp of quality design, but we do squeeze out unnecessary costs.

You want a generous yard

For families looking to settle down in Western Australia, a spacious yard is often a must. 

The contemporary noble design and the striking hancock are just two examples of breakthrough homes that boast ample yard space. Kids, parents and even pets will love having not just a stunning home to live in, but a great garden, too. 

You want certainty

Building a new property comes with plenty of excitement, but it can seem stressful. Fortunately, the breakthrough designs don't just look great - the building process is streamlined. 

If you want certainty about price, this might be the ideal home building option for you. From the get-go, you'll know the exact price of the final product. This means securing the right finance is easy and you're not left with any surprises.

You can even choose the "Just Move In" price option for each design which includes floor coverings, window treatments, rear landscaping...even the clothesline! So all you have to do is move in!

To find out more about apg's breakthrough range visit the webite www.apgbreakthrough.com.au or call one of our Building and Design Consultants on 9208 9000.