big and small investments all round in Western Australia

Deciding whether to construct a new home building requires careful consideration of a number of factors. Individuals need to think about the right home design for their needs, but it also pays to look at the area they're building in.

For homeowners, building in area that's geared for future growth is a plus. Strong infrastructure, from roading to schools, will secure future interest in the area and ideally lead to a lift in properties' values - great news for homeowners.

It seems that Western Australia is gearing up for great things, if recent announcement relating to trade and infrastructure are anything to go by.

The little things

Sometimes, it's not just the big-scale activities that make a difference. A recent state government announcement will be welcomed by sporty families based in Perth and elsewhere in Western Australia.

Over 30 community sport and recreation projects across the state will benefit from over $700,000 in funding, according to a June 17 statement from Sport and Recreation Minister Terry Waldron.

Projects costing less than $150,000 will be eligible for a cash injection, as part of the Community Sport and Recreation Facilities Fund.

For families thinking about embarking on the home-construction journey with builders in Perth, picking land that's located in close proximity to quality outdoor spaces could be a wise move.

The bigger fish

In further good news for the state, a joint venture will see over $200 million invested into the Western Australian meat production industry.

V&V Walsh has confirmed an export project totalling $1 billion over the next half-decade, explained Agriculture and Food Minister Ken Baston on June 17.

"With an estimated investment of $1billion over five years, the project will involve Bunbury-based V&V Walsh, as well as China's largest red meat importer from Australia and New Zealand, Grand Farm, and the Inner Mongolian Government," Mr Baston noted.

In addition to the $200 million injection in Western Australia, $800 million will go to Inner Mongolia.

The project is expected to boost employment opportunities in Western Australia, given the necessary increase in production.