bedroom atmosphere: the importance of choosing the right colours

When it comes to choosing the various aspects of your own double or single storey home design, it could pay to visit display homes in the local area in order to garner ideas and stimulate your creative juices.

One of the more difficult decisions to make when it comes to creating the perfect environment for you and your family is the bedrooms within your home. Most people will spend a lot of time in their own private retreat, so it's important to get the design and practicality right.

For example, when it comes to choosing a bedroom colour, there are a number of different things to take into consideration. The Theory of Colours, for example, has proven that different colours produce different effects on an individual's mind.

Colours like blue and green inspire calmness and serenity, which could be fantastic for the type of atmosphere most people want from their bedrooms. Creating a tranquil, peaceful space for you to relax and rest is essential.

On the flip side, colours like red inspire active, passionate feelings that could be counterproductive to relaxation. Furthermore, you may want to avoid darker shades of grey due to the potential of a sadder, more lethargic atmosphere.

Aspen Master bedroom Display Home Design

This also extends to the various other aspects of the bedroom as well. Accommodate the atmosphere you're fostering by implementing accessories like pillows, lampshades and chairs to help emphasise the characteristics you're hoping to achieve.

One of the best colours to adopt into a room for this very reason is white. Having the neutral colour take over your walls means you can accentuate everything else through the specific, sporadic use of colour throughout the bedroom.

Taking the time to investigate display homes and research through magazines and conversations with the professionals is the best way to achieve the home of your dreams easily.