be open: indoor-outdoor flow

indoor outdoor flowIndoor-outdoor flow creates a more open space, which allows homeowners to use various areas around their home with ease. 

The trend works particularly well if you harness an open plan kitchen and living room layout, which brings communal activity together. 

This living style is an ideal option for couples and families who enjoy spending lots of time together at home in a relaxed, open environment. The same goes for those who frequently entertain others, whether it's family or friends. 

Open plan living features

Open plan living is all about creating an open, welcoming space.

While some areas of the house demand privacy - such as bedrooms and bathrooms - other areas suit an open plan design in order to make the most of their facilities. 

For instance, a kitchen that has a free standing bench can be utilised for more than just food preparation.

Some high bar stools with sleek polished metal legs and bold seat covers not only make a statement in the kitchen, but can be placed beneath the bench to create a relaxed dining atmosphere - whether for breakfast or at the end of the day. 

Having a dining table in an open plan living space as well as a couch and armchairs to the side means you have a place to eat as well as kick back at the end of the day. 

Glass sliding or bifold doors that reach from floor to ceiling will further open the space up and can be opened onto an outdoor deck. Double glazing will help retain the heat in cooler months.

When you're going through the design process, focus on having an outdoor deck level with your interior living space to ensure perfect indoor-outdoor flow.

Make sure that your interior and exterior designs complement each other - for instance, similar wood tones for outdoor furniture and interior finishes as well as similar colour palates.

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