trend alert: wrought iron and rustic metal

An industrial or rustic look is not something that everyone can pull off, but when it's done right it looks outstanding. How do we know this? Aside from extensive time in the buiding industry, we've recently created a display home with this look - the Havana.

However, not everyone has the budget or time to completely kit out an entire new house, so here are some tips on how you can incorporate this stylish motif throughout your house with just a few changes.

Sleep easy

Wrought iron can completely change the feel of a room, taking from ordinary to exotic and earthy. A great way to achieve this in the bedroom without getting gaudy is a simple wrought iron frame for the bed. This large piece of furniture lends its aesthetic to the entire room without having an over-powering presence.

If you'd prefer to keep the bed you have but still want the industrial look, the simple addition of wrought iron light fittings or candle holders could make the difference.

Feature fit

Rustic metal is edgier and more contemporary than wrought iron, and it really needs to be used in moderation. For those with brand new two storey homes, you have the opportunity to opt for a geometric chandelier in rusted steel that could seriously enhance the appeal of your stairway or entrance hall.

With apg's high ceilings throughout the living areas, you could consider chandeliers or pendants in these rooms as well. But remember, understated is just right when it comes to powerful display pieces.

Traditional sensibilities

Yes, rustic metal is more "now" than wrought iron, but the latter exudes class that is hard to capture with any other design element. A great way to incorporate this nostalgic luxury into your home is to use wrought iron to frame a wine cellar.

A "room" made out of wrought iron, nestled under the stairs or against one wall in an open plan living area can make a great display piece. Although not ideal for wine that you actually want to cellar for years (you'll need proper temperature control, etc.) it is a great way to display wines that you drink more regularly.

Taking it outdoors

Sculptures in rustic metal are a fantastic way to modernise a garden and create a spectacular focal point for minimalist landscaping designs. Whether it's a complex figure, a simple shape or even a water feature, rustic metal adds an edgy feel to garden, helping you tie your home decor and exterior styling together.

Finding inspiration for home design and interiors can be difficult, so we invite you to check out the styling and fittings of our display homes - they're great examples of what you can achieve when your new build is complete. 

Why not check our our Pinterest board dedicated to the wrought iron and rustic metal trend here.