Trend Alert: The ultimate media room/home theatre

Lights, camera, action!

Curling onto a sofa and enjoying a movie marathon with your loved ones is one of life's simple pleasures, and the team at apg homes knows this. That's why many of our two-storey home designs include a media room or home theatre as part of the house, a space to luxuriously enjoy the big screen from the comfort of your own home.

Argyle Display Home Media Room

You need only turn on the projector, click a button on your remote and watch a large screen lower from the ceiling with the grace and stealth of a spy in a blockbuster film. 

So, now that you are immersed in all this cinematic splendour, how can you style the media room's interior design so it's red-carpet ready? With these trend alert tips, of course! 

That's a wrap(ped room)

Keeping light out of the room is super important to ensure the projection of the film is of top quality, which is why wrapping it in darkness through thick, dark, opaque curtains or blinds works a treat. What's more, thick curtains will also have acoustic benefits by keeping the sound within the room.

Of course, adding a surround sound system is your best bet for a spectacular viewing experience and the curtains will amplify this even more. You won't regret investing in surround sound speakers once you hear the reverberating boom of explosions in action films, or feel as though the knock on the door in the horror flick came from behind you! Our home designs are customisable, so talk to our friendly team if you're keen to add hidden speakers in the ceiling and we can work out a plan for you. 

Oscar-worthy ottomansapg Homes couch and ottoman 

Put your feet up! Adding plush ottomans in front of your sofa lets you recline and relax as you are entertained by the movie. Choose soft upholstery fabrics with smooth textures such as velvet, and drape fluffy woollen blankets over the top of the sofa for snuggly comfort. Cushions are great for the same reason, so you can generously lay them out across the sofa. 

Alternatively, you can go for a modern minimalist look by choosing leather reclining furniture sets that come with built-in ottomans. Some furniture stores even sell custom-made home theatre seating, with drinks holders and a small shelf to keep popcorn, if you're interested in decking the room out to the nines.

Cinematic chic

Plug in a bar fridge and popcorn maker along one wall and you have easy access to refreshments mid-movie! Make sure your lighting fixtures have dimming functions, too, to bring that 'movie is about to start' feeling home. Such attention to detail is what ties the entire room together - you'll hardly want to buy a movie ticket when you can indulge in the best viewing in your very home! 

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